Our Trip to South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Paris

From Dec 4 - January 20, 2013, we took our annual family trip to 2 new continents for 6 weeks. After spending a night in Seattle (which almost ended our trip before it began), we flew to New Jersey. We drove to Maryland, to stay with our Aunt Mady and Uncle Mike, (and their horses, dogs and cat) and to catch our outbound flight from Washington DC to Africa.

We spent one week in Capetown getting over jet lag and culture shock, and enjoying the hot weather, ocean, food and night life. Capetown and South Africa is an incredible mix of Dutch, German and traditional African cultures. Apartheid (the inequality and segregation of blacks from the rest of the population) officially ended in 1994, but the cultures are not completely homogenous.

Then we flew to Namibia and rented a double cab camping 4x4, to tour Namibia and northern Botswana for 3 weeks.

After returning to Capetown, we drove up the east side of S. Africa along the Garden Route, arriving in Johannesburg for our flight back. We had a 4-day stop in Paris, and a few more days in Wash DC and Seattle to ease our transition home.

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